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World of Warcraft

It is safe to say that World of Warcraft is the best Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game the world ever had. It boasts huge number of loyal players across the world and has won many prizes in the business. The game is produced and published by Blizzard, a giant entertainment company headquartered in the US.

Basically, it is just like many other MMORPGs in terms of various systems. But all of the things in the game are so well designed that it is far more interesting and popular than its counterparts. In the magic and massive Azeroth, there are ten races and nine classes that players can choose. Depending on your own taste, you can join the Horde or the Alliance. Quests play an important part in World of Warcraft. The game lets you advance in level through the way of killing monsters, exploring new destinations and completing quests. With the help of its advanced in-game socializing system, it is very convenient for you to communicate with other players.